Friday, June 1, 2012

Antifreeze Leaking Problems?

Antifreeze leaking from any part of car is not good.There are many reasons why Antifreeze can leak.There are are many car parts where you will notice Antifreeze getting leaked.
First thing in the Antifreeze leak issue is to inspect the place from where its leaking.In some cases the Leak can be stopped by using the leak proof sealant,but in some cases the particular part has to be replaced.

Below you will see the list of car problems.In this issues there is Antifreeze leak problems.

All problems have proper troubleshooting solution.
Just go through the list of problems.If you wish to view its troubleshooting and solution.Just select the required help link/.

The list is as follows:-----

1992 Lexus LS400: Engine overheats, Antifreeze out of reservoir and heater Blows Cold Air?

Antifreeze leaking from front of engine near Air intake?

Antifreeze leaks under the passenger side dash?

Antifreeze leaking from freeze plug on throttle body?

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