Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2003 Ford Taurus: Power Window Not Operating ?

There are few possibilities that can cause the problem.

Read the working procedure of Power Window mentioned below:----

The one-touch down (OTD) power window function allows the driver door window glass to completely lower with one button press. The driver window control switch is hardwired to the generic electronic module (GEM) and door window regulator and motor. When the GEM senses a one-touch down request from the driver window control switch, the GEM supplies a ground to the OTD relay coil. The OTD relay then provides power to the driver window regulator motor, lowering the window. The OTD feature will function when the ignition switch is in the RUN or ACC position. The OTD feature also operates while the ignition is OFF and the accessory delay time-out period has not expired.
Power and ground are supplied for the driver front window operation by the GEM. All power and ground for passenger windows is supplied through the window control switches.

As per this details get the window switch and module inspected.
This will help.

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