Sunday, June 17, 2012

1997 GM Safari: Window will not close full?

The power window for drivers side will not close completely.It will stop 2 to 3 inch before.The power window operates fine.It goes up/down properly without any blockage,but will not close full.

Its the cause of weak motor.

The problem is  typically Internal to the Window Motor & the Window Motor needs to be replaced
Follow the test procedure to confirm the issue with motor:------

Testing of the "2" wires at the Window Motor should be made for "Reverse" Ground - & Voltage +, prior to replacing

Use of a VOM is needed to test
The way it works:
Ignition On
With Power window Switch held in Up position
One wire will have 12 Volts +
One wire will have Ground -

And With Power window Switch held in Down position
The wire that had 12 Volts + is now Ground -
The wire that was Ground - is now 12 Volts +

If Voltage or Ground checks good at motor, replace motor.
If Voltage or Ground does not check good:
Check Switch Voltage & Ground.
Check for broken wires at Door / Kick Panel Boot.

There will be loose or short wire noticed.
This details will help.

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