Friday, June 29, 2012

Growling when take foot off accelerator?

Inspect the pinion bearing.
Same growling noise on deceleration and it was the pinion bearing.

IT sounds like a pinion problem that you're feeling when you are on the 'coast' side of the gears.
I suggest inspecting the pinion gear.For this ............

Try this Procedure:--------
Set the e-brake, block the wheels and put the trans in neutral (engine off).
Now very carefully Crawl underneath and see how much rotational slop there is in the pinion gear when you try to rotate the driveshaft back and forth. Then give it a good tug and see if there is any slop 'in and out' as well , toward the front and then toward the back. If you are getting ANY in and out slop or more than a slight rotation of the driveshaft, get the pinion gear and pinion bearing inspected. The longer it is running like this the more chance you have of damaging the pinion and ring gears. If the pinion nut gets loose the pinion can actually move in and out and change the gear match pattern on the ring gear which is NOT a good thing.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chrysler Cirrus Auto Transmission Swap?

Interchanging Automatic transmission 4 Plug unit with 2 plug unit.

Use new model transmission for old transmission.

The idea is good,but its not possible.

The older old model transmission used separate switches mounted to the front of the trans for reverse lights and park/neutral functions. Whereas on newer transmissions it uses transmission range sensor, which is wired to the transmission control module (TCM).
The range sensor has an elaborate array of switches and each one of them change state for a given gear.
The TCM has to see the correct combination of switch inputs for each gear, otherwise the trans will go into limp-in. Since the range sensor signals have nothing in common with the outputs of the switches on the old trans, installing the wrong trans and splicing wires isn't something that will work. The correct trans will need to be installed to work correctly.
If the actual transmission is not available at dealership then local car junkyard is the best place to start to get the same matching Transmission.

This details will help.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Car Starting Problems

Solve your car No start problem.
There are many types of car starting issues noticed.



And  many more such issues are noticed.

There are few help links provided below.
You have to through the list and view all possibilities one by one.
This will help you to understand complete troubleshooting procedure:--------------
I recommend save this list with you,and so this will help you for any future car no starting problem.

The car will not start?

Car will not crank?

Car has no spark?

How to troubleshoot car battery?

How to test starter solenoid?

How to replace starter in car?

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

2008 Ford C-Max Towing Capacity

Exact Towing Capacity

You're going to wear out your vehicle quickly if you exceed its towing capacity.
So Knowing Exact Towing Capacity of your vehicle is very much necessary.Its always mentioned in your vehicles owners manual about its towing capacity and other other basic details.

But if you dont have the vehicles owners manual at present or its lost somewhere then NO WORRIES.

Here's the details.

Maximum towing capacity for the 2008 c-max with 1.8L engine is 1200KG/2645LB

The Customers Say:---
This reports are from the regular customers visiting at out garage.
They own the same Ford C-max 1.8L Engine Vehicle.

One of the user says ...............
I am very much  impressed with the performance while towing with this car. First i was worried about its regarding the small engine for towing .But after actually towing with this vehicle now i  admit it tows very well. I was able to maintain the speed limit even uphill in 5th gear. A very good car to tow with... The van isn't bad either.I got a good vehicle.Thanks ford.

Other User says ...............

Found the C-max copes well pulling the Eriba Troll when cruising on motorways.
Also good average maintenance around 27-28 MPG.
Ford Cmax tow capacity and balance exceptionally well, my previous towcars have all been diesel, whilst lacking the lugging power of the diesel i am very impressed with this C-max 1.8.
I was  concerned with its ability on hills. But got pleased when I encountered a particularly steep hill,in that case  i was forced through the gears all the way down to first. Having said that it probably means that the car is well in need of a good service.

This details will help.

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BMW 530i: Broken Coil Springs

The Issue:-- 2004 BMW 530i Front Coil Spring Broken.
Cost and Labor to replace Coil springs.Also what other parts need to replace and is there any alignment required.

I will say inspect the Strut too for the side on which coil spring is broken.

My indication is the strut on side with busted spring is probably bad as well. Its not required to replace both sides at same time, because they have same wear and tear on them it is a good idea.But please get both coil springs and struts inspects.Which ever is broken has to be replaced.

To replace sping and/or strut on one side is 2 hrs - about $160-$280 with avg hourly labor rates at or above $100 per hour.

Springs are $150 each and struts are $350 each.

So, one side is near to $550 in parts and  $160-$280  in labor, total $750

To do both sides, $1400 to $1500.
Please note the labor cost vary from shop to shop.
Also parts cost vary,if you go for low quality aftermarket parts.But i suggest use high quality branded parts.
Because they last long and give good results performance wise and also fit properly.
And yes, it will need an alignment afterwards, usually around $90.

This details will help.

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2004 Duramax 2500 Silverado Towing Capacity

The Issue:--

Towing  13,000 lb 5th wheel behind a 2004 Duramax 2500 Silverado is possible.

My Answer is yes its possible.

And this is because Maximum towing capacity for the 2004 Chevy 2500 with duramax engine and 5th wheel setup is 16,700 lbs, so yes, it will tow the 13,000lb fifth wheel.

Please Note on some cases the issues are noticed regarding  axle weight with the hitch in the bed.
But that will not matter in this case.

The fifth wheel set up is what gives you the towing capacity of 16,700lbs.
When not using a fifth wheel set-up, towing capacity is only 13,000 lbs. The weight distribution with the fifth wheel increases towing capacity.

Personal experience share:----
Garage Mechanic Says:----
He has towed for years with 5th wheel setup on  duramax and never had issues with the rear axle or drivetrain. Towing at 15,000lbs with 5th wheel loaded and no issues loaded.

What a Chevy Product to Love about its qualities and advantages.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Fading Sinking Brake pedal?

When brakes are applied it feels like brake pedal is fading and sinking.
It feels like loose brake pedal.

In this case there are few things that needs to be inspected and checked.


  • Faulty brake master cylinder.
  • Worn, Damaged, or Faulty Wheel Cylinder.
  • Brake Rotor Has Worn Past Machining Specifications and Must Be Replaced.
  • Brake Drum Glazed or Excessively Worn.
  • Contaminated Brake Fluid.
This are the basic possibilities that has to be checked.
In most of cases any of the listed part will cause this brake fading or sinking issues.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

1999 Ford Taurus: Battery not holding Charge?

Battery loosing charge.
Both alternator and battery are replaced.But still the same problem.

On some cases its seen,then new parts also comes faulty.A bit of proper testing is required.Get your multi-meter and start proper voltage testing.

It sounds that you have a problem with your charging system. Please check for voltage at the battery terminals when your engine is running. You should see something above 13V ( usually 13,8-14,5V) otherwise you have no charge.
If you have no charge, then it either a faulty alternator or wiring issue.
Since you have already replaced the alternator, then mostly its a problem with wiring.But still new parts comes faulty.If possible try with another working alternator.

Follow this voltage testing procedure. This will tell which part is draining the battery charge and where the wiring's are getting short.
First of all make sure you have +12v battery power on the thick Yellow/White wire at the alternator ( use a test light connected to ground). If you don't get +12v battery voltage on this wire, then check the 175A mega fuse in the power distribution box.
If it is OK, then disconnect the two way connector from the alternator and check for +12 power on the Orange.Light Blue wire at the 2-way connector( use a test light connected to ground). If OK, turn the key ON and check for battery voltage on the LightGreen/Red wire at the 2-way alternator connector ( use a digital multimeter).

This testing details will help.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine number Location?

Where is engine identification number mentioned on jeep grand Cherokee.

On 2007 3.0L diesel Grand Cherokee .The last 10 digits of the VIN stamped on the driver's side of the engine block, behind the engine mount.

And for  2008 model year will have last 8 digits stamped on the passenger side of the engine block on transmission flange near the starter motor.

Note down this engine number,before you get your engine replaced or engine rebuilt.

This will help.Thanks.

How to identify number one spark plug on the distributor cap?

Number of Freeze plugs on 1977 Oldsmobile motor?

2006 Ford Freestar: Misfire on Cylinder Number 2?


While going in reverse mode Fuse number 27 blows on Ford Ranger?

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2002 Chevrolet Avalanche Z71: Gear shift Issue?

Gears not shifting from 2nd to 3rd.It will stay on 2nd.On 3rd gear it feels like engine  revs in neutral mode.

Clear Transmission failure issue.

It sounds like an internal mechanical transmission issue.
In this case ...........
First check the basic things like transmission fluid level and its condition.
The tranny Fluid should be pink to red in color and does not have any burnt smell. If it has burnt then replace the transmission fluid.
It is also a good idea to check it for trouble codes just in case it is a sensor or solenoid issue. If nothing is found, then it should be removed and disassembled for further diagnosis.

It is very unlikely that the problem is cause by a faulty solenoid and it does not set a trouble code.
It sounds more like a mechanical problem such : sticky valve, internal pressure drop causing by faulty seal or worn out clutch pack etc.

This details will help.

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